Americans Want Torture Prosecutions

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For 8 long years, the Corporate Media adamantly refused to poll Americans on holding George Bush accountable for his innumerable crimes. But now that Bush is whoring his crimes for speaking fees, Corporate Media pollsters are suddenly curious.

A new USA Today poll finds an overwhelming majority - 62%-34% - want an investigation of torture. Among those supporting an investigation, most want a criminal investigation, rather than a Truth Commission as proposed by Sen. Pat Leahy and Rep. John Conyers.

(A similar majority of 63%-34% want an investigation of warrantless wiretapping. We're behind you, Judge Walker! An even larger majority of 71%-25% want accountability for those who politicized the Justice Department. That means you, Karl Rove.)

This poll proves those of us who support prosecution are not the fringe, but the mainstream of American politics. Incredibly, the only person on TV who speaks for us is Jonathan Turley. None of the "progressive" advocacy groups or blogs are calling for prosecution. And there isn't a single Member of Congress who is willing to speak for us.

The decision on whether or not to launch a criminal investigation is entirely in the hands of Attorney General Eric Holder. Please urge Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor immediately.

Update 1: Here's more data from Gallup:

As is obvious from the data, the criminal investigation option has more support in every case than investigations or nothing. So what is Gallup's headline in the summary by Jeffrey M. Jones?

"No Mandate for Criminal Probes of Bush Administration"

Hello Jeffrey? There is less of a mandate for a Truth Commission or a Coverup. What an idiotic headline!

Update 2: Here's the breakdown by party. Interestingly, 20% of Republicans support prosecution and 24% support a Truth Commission. That means there's a lot more "bi-partisan" support for accountability than there was for the Recovery Act.

Update 3: dday nails it:

The standard line from the Village is that we cannot have investigations of Bush Administration officials for crimes like torture or illegal wiretapping because that would take the country through a painful cycle and tear the very fabric of the nation apart and this would be just too mortal a blow to a nation that needs to bind up its wounds. If you actually ask those people these brave Villagers are trying to protect, however, they'd say "Yeah, we're cool with it."...

Apparently the delicate sensibilities of "the people," as distilled by those in Washington, are not quite so delicate. The porcelain ones are actually the Villagers themselves, who don't want to see the facade of their own complicity smashed in a series of hearings and investigations. Anyway, these war criminals are their friends. The men and women they see at the supermarket. They're good people and they don't deserve the simply horrible abuse.


Americans Want Torture Prosecutions

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I think this is called for and necessary to clean up our image to the world that we are not exempted from the law. Right now I think Pres. Obama has enough on his to-do-list to deal with and another department, like the Dept of Justice, or a special committee should be dealing with this. It’s not up to the President to do the investigating himself and it sounds like he already has people looking into it. I don’t think this is an issue that we should be pushing onto Pres. Obama.
With the way Bush and Chaney are bragging about it. They are just giving themselves more rope to hang themselves with. I don't think they are going anywhere and I don’t think we need to rush this. Their doing a good job to build our case against them.

Mind Set

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You are right about the to-do-list our Country has to deal with.
The President has appointed people to handle such matters that he simply doesn't have the time to personally be the leader with each issue. But, he must first decide if "HE" has the confidence to allow these people to do the jobs that "HE" could simply allow them to do. If "We" are paying them to do these jobs, shouldn't they be allowed to do that?
Most people know already, that if a person is ill, one of the most important areas of his/her recovery is the mind set of whether they have confidence in their physcian, and their treatments. The same is true about how our confidence is
in our leadership today. So far we have seen very little treatment, and our confidence level is very low in our leaders. While they continue to evade our main concerns about the Bush's criminal actions against the People and our Constitution, our attitudes remain very negative toward the possibilites that these criminals will simply fade into the sunset, scott-free, while our leadership is still wondering why they are looked upon for what they truly are.[ Leaders in name only. Self GREED is their only goals!] The longer these people sit on their butts and do nothing about these issues, and continue to ignore the REAL FACTS that are right before their eyes, admissions that are spoken to the World by some of these criminals, yet, ignored by those who could do their job for the American People, as well as the World.
Ordinary citizens, Joe Or Mabel who would have been in jail waiting trial for quite some time, on a lot lesser crime, simply because they don't have the political clout to be free and forgotten about by our Justice Department.
Our President even touts " No one is above the law", unless of course........
I wonder if or when my confidence level will improve.

"fading into the sunset"

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    Bob Fertik
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is far less of a concern to me than "returning at dawn" with "shock and awe."

the criminal gang that stole the White House in 2000 did not appear out of nowhere; it was formed during Watergate (GHWB/Rumsfeld/Cheney/Rove) and expanded during Iran-Contra.

we must never let that criminal gang acquire an ounce of official power.

that's not an idle concern; dick cheney's new bunker is 2 miles fromm CIA HQ in langley. he probably goes there to plot against Obama over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We need investigations with sworn testimony...

by the principal players of BushCo which quickly can produce indictments, public trials--televised--and if found guilty, incarceration for the rest of their natural lives(or un-natural if you prefer)in a Federal prison.

None of us 'little' folk can get away with parking tickets or other of the bothersome occasional contacts with what passes for law and justice in the country. We, most of us at least, feel that these criminals should be put through the same process.

Only when these criminals are finally jailed, will the rest of us start believing that we are indeed, a country of law and justice.

Quit the Conyers/Leahy blather, stop the Reid/Pelosi/Hoyer taking 'justice' off the table. They(BushCo)did the crime--they should do the time in solitary....

Quit the dancing around the table...someone in a leadership position needs to get their asses in gear and do the job. NOW!

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