NYC Kickoff Gives Impeachment "Big Mo" in the Big Apple

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    Bob Fertik
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Impeachment was the "talk of the town" in New York City on Saturday at the "Impeachment Day" kickoff event at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.

Cindy Sheehan spoke from her heart about George Bush's war crimes and the need to hold him accountable through impeachment. She said it's not up to Nancy Pelosi to decide what is "on the table" - in a Democracy, the people set the table. (Youtube)

Liz Holtzman explained why it is crucial to impeach Bush and Cheney. She reminded us that when Democrats were in charge during Watergate, they did impeachment the right way through a bipartisan investigation into the facts - the complete opposite of Newt Gingrich's rightwing "get-Clinton" jihad in 1998. (Youtube1, Youtube2, Youtube3)

I cited the pre-election Newsweek poll showing a 51%-44% majority for impeachment, and the new Zogby poll showing Bush's approval rating dropped from 36% to 30% since the Newsweek poll. If Bush drops another 6 points, he will tie Richard Nixon's 24% approval rating the day he resigned! I also predicted impeachment is inevitable because Bush and Cheney will reject Congressional subpoenas and create a Constitutional crisis that will force Democrats to impeach them.

We had an excellent Q&A, then broke up into Congressional District committees to start lobbying our NYC Congresspeople. I received many positive emails from participants, and I believe more strongly than ever that We, the People, will impeach Bush and Cheney!